Take a Look at Best Features of Gmail Lab


You will most likely have attached a gold star on a few of your more valuable e-mails for simple reference if you are a www.gmail.com user. Celebrities let you add the different type of stars so that a lot more e-mails can be tagged by you based on their kinds. There are 12 distinct “stars” for one to pick from, to have even more flexibility in ordering your messages.

Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

Gmail has a pleasant interface, but what is even nicer about it’s that it has keyboard shortcuts for incredibly lazy folks like me. For example, move it 3 centimetres in the general direction of 42o North East, I do not have to catch the mouse and click the button anymore, I only have to press on ‘C’ to compose an email in gmail.com? Seriously, how cool is that?

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Canned Responses

Ever received one of these annoying automated answer e-mails? Well, you can now send them also, practically. Scripted messages let you save a message whenever you would like so you could spam it. Perfect for business people who must send an explicit request to lots of men and women at different times, or for annoying your friends with those forwarded e-mails once you do gmail.com login.

Mail Goggles

Email Goggles gives you time to reconsider whether you genuinely wish to send that e-mail by making arithmetic totals are counted by you first. In case you still believe it is wise to send that message after crunching on elementary school numbers, then it likely is.